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A Brief History of our Giant Schnauzer Breeding Program

In 1995 Ron and Tammy Murray settled in the community of Langford on Vancouver Island, BC. They had a rescue Giant Schnauzer named Zeus who they chose not to breed because of questionable temperament.

In 2000 they bought out the remaining breeding stock from Eichenbaum Kennels in Wisconsin. Liebchen, Kurt and Oberin’s bloodline was based on some fine old German breeding stock, but it would be a few more years before they would find the magic combination to establish Von Der Leidenschaft Giant Schnauzers.

Big brother Glock tests the mettle of his little sister Jade in 2012.

Big brother Glock tests the mettle of his little sister Jade in 2012.

In 2002 Ron and Tammy moved to New Brunswick. In 2003, Tammy drove Oberin vom Eichenbaum south, to Florida to mate to German import Ascan vom Klingsgarten; the result was Degen von der Leidenschaft. The connection to the Klingsgarten kennel brought about the purchase of Ghira vom Klingsgarten in 2004.

The combination of Degen’s rock solid nerve, loving temperament, and high end prey drive with Ghira’s sharpness and take-a-message attitude has produced dozens of wonderfully balanced, yet challenging offspring.

In 2009 they chose the best male from the G-litter and in 2012 they chose the best bitch puppy from the J-litter. Going forward their intention is to combine the high drives and stable temperament their kennel is known for, with the finest European working lines available.