Ron Murray – Professional Trainer

Ron heeling with his beloved Anja von Leidenschaft. 2007

Ron heeling with his beloved Anja von Leidenschaft. 2007

Ron Murray began his training in 1978 with Bill Grimmer in Scoudouc, NB. They trained working dogs for the security business. Ron enjoyed the work immensely and saw promise in the techniques for the everyday family pet, as they were designed around getting respect from the dog and instilling confidence in both dog and handler.

Ron laid out multiple levels of complex training programs designed to hold the interest of the handlers and dogs and offered them up to the general public.

The basic premise of Ron’s program is respect based obedience, followed immediately by verbal and physical praise when the exercise is done correctly. Ron has never been one to use gadgets, gimmicks or food, believing instead that one always has a voice to speak with and hands to pat with.

That said, once Ron began his training with The Sirius Working Dog Association, learning techniques to make your dog shine on trial day, he saw the added value of ‘the motivator’, which basically takes the form of your dog’s favourite toy! A small Kong on a string, or hard rubber ball on a string, a tug toy, or even an old sock to play tug with; whatever excites your dog to want to be out doing stuff with you!

Motivator aside, the basics haven’t changed. Ron’s training tools are still a training chain and a supple handmade leather leash. The other tools are his voice and his confidence, which he gladly shares with any who are interested in being their dog’s best friend.

Contact Ron via email: ronmurray AT or call (506) 260-2015 to discuss private training or inquire about his next class date and location!

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