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February 2017

Well it’s been a busy year, so busy in fact, that I haven’t had time to update our website until now, when I’m procrastinating tax stuff!

A brief summary.

In March 2016, our new little boy Schnoopy vom Klingsgarten was born in Germany.

In April 2016, our club The Sirius Working Dog Association regrouped and started training, in what would be a fantastic season culminating in five new titles in Quebec in November.

In June 2016 we picked Schnoopy up from the Halifax airport, bringing our pack up to four again.








In July 2016 we took all four camping for a weekend in Quebec. Everyone traveled so well. 🙂

August, September, and October were a blur of constant training to be ready for trial in November!

In November 2016, our newly rebuilt club, traveled to Quebec with 7 dogs, and brought home 5 titles. Not too shabby after a three year absence from training for me and Ron, and other members being first timers!

The rest of the winter we have spent waiting for Jade to come into heat so we could produce our Winter litter. She teased us all for quite some time, but as of this writing, is not even close to a heat cycle. However, we have an excellent male firmly in place and as soon as she’s ready, we’ll be mating.

Looking forward to SPRING so we can get training again with our club. It’s going to be another busy year, but I’ll see if I can post a new update before a year’s time! 😉