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November 2018

How has it been more than a month since my last update?!? Wow the time has flown by this year.
We might, but I doubt it, have 10 more sleeps in us before the L-litter arrives, due December 7th! Rogue is doing fantastic and as of last Friday (week 7 weigh day) has gained 16.5 pounds! She is completely on track with last year.

7.5 weeks pregnant! :)

7.5 weeks pregnant! ๐Ÿ™‚

This year is a little busier, with Zia and Zeus still requiring a lot of attention to become model citizens in the house and out. Having the new back steps built from the upper deck to the lower has been a huge help, meaning we don’t have to juggle dogs to get the puppies in and out. This means less stress on Momma-to-be.
We have a growing list of serious contenders for puppies, but we still welcome your questionnaire if you’re interested in being considered for the L-litter.

In other news, our beautiful Bermuda Blue finally left the nest and arrived at her new home on November 16th. She is already adored by her humans andย 4 year old Sambuca (Sammy).

Sambuca and Kahlua (theme much?) ;) aka Blue at home in Bermuda.

Sambuca and Kahlua (theme much?) ๐Ÿ˜‰ aka Blue at home in Bermuda.









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