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Update for July 2015

Rogue 10 weeks beach trip

Rogue vom Klingsgarten at 10 weeks old. First trip to the beach in Jemseg, NB, Canada.

Introducing Rogue vom Klingsgarten! I can’t believe she’s been with us 10 days already. Testimony to how busy we’ve been that this announcement hasn’t come sooner! 😉 Fresh off the plane from Germany to Halifax on July 10, 2015. Rogue is from the same kennel as her great-aunt Ghira vom Klingsgarten. We hope in a few years Rogue will produce the same wonderful puppies Ghira did. In the meantime she’s keeping our ‘Old Man’ Degen very busy. He’s being very good with her, teaching her our routines, building her drives and confidence. She’s a very smart puppy, quick to figure things out (Dad/Ron thinks a little too quick at times!) and has loads of confidence. We’re very pleased with her. Thanks to Rolf Wassmuth at Klingsgarten Kennels for his trust in us.