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A Spotlight on Kora von der Leidenschaft


Kora loves to play ball!


Retrieving a regulation weight IPO dumbbell.


Kora calmly returns with the dumbbell.


Kora holds the dumbbell for praise.


Kora comes in with the dumbbell.

I could always tell Kora from the rest because she would ALWAYS leave the food dish to come get some lovin’s. She was the most affectionate puppy of all. And while she’s still very affectionate, she’s also showing us some great drives and terrific confidence.



Photos below show her driving to, retrieving, and returning with the dumbbell!

Click on the links here to see video clips of
5 month old
Kora von der Leidenschaft.



Still available to the correct home. If you’re interested in more about Kora please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.

Kora doing puppy prey bite work.


Kora bite work with stick/whip.