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The M-Litter is SOLD!

It’s a very uncertain time in the world right now, and due to Covid_19, two would be homes in the US have opted to wait for the next litter, hoping, as we all are, that the borders between Canada and the US will reopen before our fall litter (and obviously sooner than that!).
That said, it didn’t take long for our Purple Girl, now named Maya, to be scooped up close to home.
Excited for her new people, and for our club members who really wanted to keep her close by.

In May and June, our veterinary team will examine three of our youngsters hips and elbows. Radiographs will be forwarded digitally to the OFA for certification. We hope there won’t be much delay, and all will be clear for us to plan our Fall 2020 litter. Stay tuned for results and plans.

Stay safe everyone, hug your dog.