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We are pleased to announce Officer Hearne and K9 LeKarter have certified as a team in Explosives Detection. Special thanks to their trainer Tracy Landis and the crew at Ultimate Working Dogs for taking our puppy through this professional program and creating a great team for law enforcement. We hope they enjoy a long and safe career!

LeKarter is one of the puppies from our L-litter from Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 and Rogue vom Klingsgarten IGP1, IGP-FHV. Giant Schnauzers are renowned in Europe as police service dogs, and are slowly becoming recognized in North America as a great multipurpose police K9. This is just the beginning for Office Hearne and K9 LeKarter! So Proud! 😀


It’s been a blur! The time has gone so quickly, with the last two weeks being extra chaotic. Add to this, the current world events, and we feel our heads are spinning.

The M-litter was snapped up like toilet paper at Costco! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let anyone do any hoarding, although a kind gentleman from Tennessee solved some delivery challenges for us by taking FOUR pups across the border. I do have confirmation that they are all in the hands they were intended for! 😉

Purple Girl getting settled in the house.

We still have our Purple Girl in house, but she is on reserve for now, with a wait list. Should that change, I will announce it here.

Plans for the next litter? YES! All dependent on hip and elbow examinations on our youngsters. We are waiting until everyone is two years old to certify with the OFA. Should everything go well, we have some OPTIONS for a fall litter.

If you missed out on this litter, please let us know you’d like a pup from the next. We are very excited for the next generation, without swaying too far from our amazing foundations. Please complete our Online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire and we’ll respond promptly.

And then there were TWO!

Two females are being reserved for performance homes due to their high drives and strong personalities.

Purple Girl at 6 weeks. Reserved for working or sport home.
Blue Girl at 6 weeks. Reserved for a working or sport home.

If you’re interested in one of these two pups, or a puppy from a future litter, please complete our online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.