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September 2018 News!!

A day late and several dollars short… our new (and last for awhile!) baby Zeus vom Goldbergsee arrived¬†at our home in Canada from Germany on August 31, 2018. It’s been a busy few days getting him on Atlantic time and establishing his place in the pack.

It’s been an exciting weekend in Germany as the Deutsche Meisterschaft for Riesenschnauzers was held on September 1 & 2. The winner was Zeus’ daddy Xaro von der Schonburg! In third place was Zia’s aunt, Kara-Mia vom Lindelbrunn!

Also in family success, Rogue’s uncle Nelson vom Klingsgarten won the FH competition (highest degree in Tracking!) in Germany.

More details can be seen on our Von Der Leidenschaft Giant Schnauzers Facebook page!