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RIP Degen von der Leidenschaft

bridgeThis past week, on August 4, 2015, Ron and I said our final goodbye to our very best friend. Degen passed away peacefully in my lap at our vet clinic. He held on to his ball until the very end, because that’s just the kind of dog he was.

With his mate Ghira vom Klingsgarten, Degen sired 5 beautiful litters of puppies for our kennel. His calm and loving demeanor is present in each and every puppy and many carry his amazing drives. We are proud that Degen also sired Canada’s FIRST Giant Schnauzer Police K9, from our H-litter, born in 2010. Regardless of what our puppies do for a living, they are all loving companions and we thank him for that.

Degen ‘worked’ hard in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO up until we retired him in 2012. He didn’t take kindly to being left behind while the other kids trained, but I would tell him he had an important job to do, protecting our home until we returned. Today I didn’t have to disappoint him, but I did have to lock the door.

He will be forever missed, not just by me and Ron, but his large fan base. He was the dog everyone wanted to take home.

We’ll meet again at the Bridge my friend. <3