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K-Kids are 11 weeks old! Puppies still available!

Yes we still have TEN puppies in our care! If you don’t think it’s a busy life, come on out for a visit! 😉

Of the ten, we still have seven females and one male available to approved homes. Why do we still have so many at 11 weeks old? I have a few theories.

1) It’s been 5.5 years since we bred a litter (not for lack of trying!) and many of our followers have moved on, or moved to other breeds! I know, I don’t get it either!

2) It’s WINTER!!! Puppies are more work in the winter! Yeah, tell us about it! But, after a 5.5 year absence, and Glock being 8 years young, we felt it was mating we couldn’t pass up.

3) We’re fussy about our forever homes. Believe me, I’ve turned down dozens already.

4) We had such a large number of females (both males were spoken for, one fell through) and of course, it never fails people want what you don’t have!

Puppy registration papers are going in the mail today, so their registered names are set in stone. You can call them what you wish should you choose one of these wonderful characters. I’m going to group them by temperament. I don’t have current photos, will try to get some this weekend. They are harder to wrangle as their confidence grows! I do have some video clips taken earlier this week. See the links below.

Schnowballs and Schnauzers!

Dog Fishing!

A Mild Winter Day!

I have three categories these pups will fit in; Working Homes, Ambitious Homes, Companion Homes. Some of these pups could overlap, so my list could change as their personalities and experiences further develop.

Working Homes – Pups with strong drive and ATTITUDE!
These puppies will need a job to do, be it a sport like IPO, or a job in police service, search and rescue, etc. These puppies have strong drives and dominance in the pack.

Black Girl – now named Khira
Strong attitude, dominant in the litter. Great drives.

White Girl – now named Kwest
Large female, great drives, independent nature, always out in front.


Ambitious Homes – Pups with lots of confidence and drives!
These puppies are busy, confident, fun, and loving. Not quite a schnuggle bug because they bring a little more sass to the game. These puppies will make excellent sport dogs, but could also be conditioned to more calm activities such as therapy work, assistance dogs, etc. I do not rule out companion homes for these puppies, as I said, some can fit either category, but these ones will require an experienced and patient home.

Purple Girl – now named Kacey (Miss Racey)
Smaller female with sass galore! Kacey is always looking to lure her siblings in a game. She would love to have a canine companion in her new pack!

Green Girl – now named Kaper
Very similar in temperament to Kacey, but perhaps I tiny bit more independent. She also loves to hang out with the older dogs, so would be a good match for a home with a dog already present.

Purple Boy – now named Khaos
Another pup with great drives and confidence. Khaos would be an excellent choice for somebody new to dog sport or an active outdoors person. This boy loves to go on adventures!


Companion Homes – Pups with a little more laid back attitude!
These puppies are the love bugs of the pack. But don’t let that fool you in to thinking they are pushovers. They are just a little more calm than their littermates and best choices for people who imagine a more laid back companion.

Red Girl – now named Kree
This beauty is probably the calmest pup of the litter. Nothing fazes her. This puppy would be a great hospital visitor for somebody interested in volunteering, or with correct training, an assistance dog.

Pink Girl – now named Kricket
This pup is spirited and loving. She would be a great choice for an active family with children, or another dog.

Yellow Girl – now named Kora
This puppy is super affectionate. She is the only puppy in the litter who will leave her food dish for a schnuggle! She’s a larger female who would be a great match for someone wanting a cuddler.

Puppy Questionnaires are being vetted every day. Please complete one if you’d like to be considered for one of these beauties.