April 4, 2018

Life is still very busy at Leidenschaft Kennels, and as we’ve always done, we’re keeping our heads up and looking at the positives!

We’re excited to get back on the training field with our club members at The Sirius Working Dog Association. This last week of mild weather should have the field bare in days! We’ll have lots of extra hands on deck to begin leash work, prey bite work, and tracking with “the K-girls”. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have the extra time with these babies. We’re privileged to see their personalities develop as they mature.

Ron will be announcing very soon, his training locations and start dates for Level One obedience classes. We’re just waiting for Momma N and Old Man Winter to settle their annual battle before we set a firm date.

We’re looking forward to clearing health tests for another member of our pack to announce future breeding plans. As we’ve always done in the past, any matings we make now, and in the future, will be done in consultation with our veterinary team, and of course meet the recommendations by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals.

Stay tuned for more updates this month! 🙂

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