October’s Devastating News.


First off, I apologize to everyone who didn’t get the information privately before we made this public. We simply didn’t have the time. Our hearts are shattered at the loss of our sweet Rogue. The best Momma ever!

The litter was large and Rogue was suffering from uterine inertia. She simply didn’t have room to contract, or break her water. We decided to do an emergency C-section on Tuesday morning. We were blessed with 16 of 17 pups out alive. Rogue’s vitals were stable when we brought her home, and she nursed her litter for about 3 hours total, 8 puppies at a time. We’re guessing she had a blood clot; she died while nursing.

We’ve been hand feeding around the clock, and many friends have come to help, and many more from away have offered financial support, and hugs, and prayers. Sadly in the wee hours of this morning, we lost our smallest male to fading puppy syndrome, and I fear, our smallest female is heading in that direction. We are trying to save her.

We are numb, but for the babies, we are putting one foot in front of the other.

A friend of a friend reached out, offering her Australian Shepherd as a surrogate nanny. Bunny arrived last night and accepted the pups without hesitation. Today she is actually putting herself between the pups and anyone going into the whelping box. It’s unbelievable. She had very little milk, but with extra groceries, and the vigorous pups stimulating her, she is coming back to her milk. And even just the bum cleaning and physical stimulation are a huge help.

Initially my reaction to a surrogate nanny was absolute rejection. I felt so guilty and didn’t want anyone else to raise Rogue’s babies. Of course logic prevailed. Thursday morning, I was preparing for the morning nursing with my cup of tea. I happened to glance down at my tea mug, bubbles floating from stirring in the sugar, and the heart in my tea cup spoke louder than any words could. My girl was telling me it was okay.

We are so blessed to have our extended dog family, and as much as your messages mean to us, please forgive us if we are brief to answer, or not at all just yet. I am taking the month of November off work to be home with the litter. We are determined to keep as many of Rogue’s precious babies alive as possible. They have jobs to do, lives to enrich, and love to give. Thank you Dominica McCutcheon for Bunny. Thanks to everyone else who plays a part in saving the P-litter. You are priceless.

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