Kacey von der Leidenschaft

This spirited girl has confidence galore! She’s funny, loving, and very busy, and she will need a family committed to keeping up to her. (Clicking on the photos produces larger images. Some shots are blurry, the nature of candid, moving puppy photos!) 😉

Kacey von der Leidenschaft

Kacey is a high energy pup with great ball and prey drives. She is sassy in attitude, but not mean or dominant. She’s athletic in build, and loves to engage her littermates in games of “keep-away”.



Kacey’s energy and enthusiasm is perfect for a competition home, be it agility, flyball, or the sport of IPO, this girl has amazing potential.

Kacey is a determined puppy, and will require a structured environment.Kacey pillow

Kacey is well behaved in our home, crate trained, and travels well in the vehicle.
If you’d like more information on Kacey, please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.


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