Congratulations to SWDA members on their new titles!

Our small club The Sirius Working Dog Association held our two-day trial on October 5 & 6, 2019.
With DVG Judge Ann Dolan, we tried 5 BH titles and one IGP 1 title on the first day.
Successful teams:
Lisa Gaudet with Khaos von der Leidenschaft, BH
Stephen Lanyi with Khira von der Leidenschaft, BH
Ron Murray with Zeus vom Goldbergsee, BH
Ron Murray with Rogue vom Klingsgarten, IGP1

On day two, we had two successful tracking teams:
Stephen Lanyi with Khira von der Leidenschaft, IGP-V Track
Ron Murray with Rogue vom Klingsgarten, IFH-V Track

Congratulations to everyone and looking forward to a few more weeks of training before the S-word arrives! 😉

Electronic Collar Training

There IS a time and place for E-collar training!

E-collar training         

We are not the type of trainers who slap an e-collar on the dog and leave it on. That is, in our opinion, lazy. And what happens if for some reason you can’t wear the collar on the dog? We believe, a dog should fully understand what is expected of him, learn the command, the desired reaction, and respect his handler. MOST of our obedience is obtained this way.

That said, there are a number of situations for which the e-collar is the BEST tool for the job.


Dog aggression

Food aggression

People aggression

Chasing game/livestock/vehicles

Counter surfing (can also be effectively corrected with mousetraps!)

Running away, not returning (after the foundation recall work is completed)

Dogs with HIGH drives are a blessing and a curse. A dog with drives loves to do stuff. They also LOVE to do stuff. Not necessarily the stuff you want them to do.

I recently had an email from a puppy owner who is having an issue with her dog chasing wildlife. She busts out the door past the children, and then it’s game on. Recall is useless. This dog has drives, and your biscuit means nothing when there is prey on the run.  <— Insert E-collar HERE!!!

It is important to do some foundation work with the e-collar before ANY corrections are made, or you will have to leave the collar on the dog. A smart dog will quickly learn the collar controls the correction, and thus, no collar equals FREEDOM! So to make the collar and the corrections as effective as possible, you need to fool the dog. For a few days before you plan to begin setting up the problems, put the collar on the dog, as tight as it will need to be for correction. Put the dog’s regular collar on as well. Or put a box link or slip chain on too. Randomly take off and put on all the collars for a few days, until your dog really has no idea what he is wearing, or why. Be sure to move the e-collar around so the contact points don’t cause any rub sores. Please understand E-collars DO NOT BURN or otherwise cause damage from the electric shock. Rub sores can occur if the collar is too tight or sits in one spot for too long, or if the dog is digging at it. The use of an e-collar is NOT inhumane, as many bleeding heart dog “trainers” would have you believe. E-collars are effective training tools when used properly and CAN save your dog’s LIFE. If your dog is running towards the road and doesn’t come back when called, a quick buzz from the collar can interrupt that thought process and prevent a tragedy. If your dog is the cause of an accident, you are liable.

There are several problems that can be corrected with the use of an e-collar in this situation. Each requires setting up the situation and teaching the desired behaviour.

First step would be setting up the “busting past the children”. Once the foundation work is done, as described above, then it’s time for the setup. Decide as a family what the new command should be; something simple that the children can articulate, and unique to the situation. Our command of choice for doorways, gates, crates, stairways, etc. is “Wait”. It means, wait there until you’re given information otherwise. It is different from a stay command in that they don’t have to hold the last position given. “Sit-stay” means hold that position until the next command is given. “Wait” simply means do not proceed. If the dog gets bored of standing and waiting, they can sit or lie down without having broken a command.

So, with the command of choice agreed upon, next is setting up the situation. This can also be accomplished using a leash or long line, but for fast moving dogs, e-collar is cleaner. Do some practice with the dog, teaching the new command and response. Open the door; give the command, if the dog proceeds through the door, correct. Use all your tools for the first few times; leash and collar, and a stern verbal correction if the dog makes a move through the door. Once he has learned this with you, then set it up with the children. Have them open the door; you still issue a firm command, at the same time the child gives the command. Dogs do not usually respect small children, so it will take some extra commands on your part to get him to respond to the command regardless of who issues it. Once this is accomplished, then comes your proofing with the e-collar. Set up the situation, child opens door, normally gets pushed out of the way. This time however, you’re going to stay silent, allowing the child to command the dog; you’re simply going to make the correction with the collar’s remote IF the dog disobeys. Always start with a low correction level to begin with. If it’s ineffective, then move to the next level until you get the desired correction. Sometimes a dog will react to their first e-collar correction by running away from the spot where they were corrected. It’s not a bad idea to have a long line on the dog until you can gauge the reaction.

The separate exercises of chasing, in this case deer, but any other animal, person, bicycle, skateboards, cars, etc, is also easily corrected with the e-collar. The command for this correction is simply NO! No means NEVER. Never chase an animal, person, or vehicle. If for some reason you WANT the dog to rid the yard of deer, or rabbits, etc, you could choose the word Stop, or Leave it, or simply recall the dog to you. Come! or Here! At the exact same time as the command is given, in other words, no command is given and then time for the dog to respect said command, give a strong correction with the e-collar. Remember drives are HIGH when your dog is in chase mode. You need to interrupt the thought process immediately. If the dog doesn’t react to the first correction, up the level and re-command at once. Always PRAISE for the desired behaviour. If the dog stops, or returns to you, make a big deal of it. Lots of praise, pats, “good-boy”s. No need for treats. Your voice and your affection are the greatest reward.

To proof your recall, go back to your training collar, box link, slip chain or flat collar, and use your long line. Make sure your dog fully understands the command and the desired response. We have two recall commands. Come is formal. It is used when the recall is urgent. It means: stop whatever you’re doing, return to me as fast as you can, and sit in front of me until I give you the next command. It is NEVER allowed to be ignored, and therefore must be taught well with your leash, and then with your long line. We also use Here. It is less formal, but still means return to me. It might mean I want to pat you, or I want you in the house, car, crate, etc. It doesn’t require the formal sit in front. It’s also acceptable if the dog stops to pee (not mark) or pick up a stick, or grab a toy, on the way back to you. If the intent is there, then no correction is given. Once the foundation work is done, then you can offer your dog more freedom with the use of the e-collar. PRACTICE this, so that you know your dog understands what is expected. Add distractions. Recall your dog away from the playing children, or the birds on the beach, or the bicycles on the trails. Don’t wait for the make or break situation to find out if your dog will respond. You might not be wearing the e-collar THAT time.

The investment in an e-collar can be as little as a hundred dollars or so, up to several hundred. The collar you choose should be based on your needs. Do you have multiple dogs? There are systems for that. Do you travel dense wilderness, or use your dog for hunting? There are systems for that too. Sometimes you can borrow or rent a system from a friend or a trainer to fix a specific problem or try it out. Choose a collar system to match the needs of your situation. The most trusted brands are those chosen by bird hunters. They will be waterproof, durable, and adaptable.

As with any training issue, we’re always available for assistance. See our Contact page or find us on Facebook! 🙂

June 2019 News!

And POOF! Just like that the L-litter is SOLD!

We are excited for Lazer, as his new people live right next door to his sister Leia in Nova Scotia! The two are already sharing adventures. <3

Loca is SOLD, but she will stay with us for a few more weeks before moving to West Virginia where she will train with Tracy Landis and Jennifer Gilzow in TWO protection sports! IGP (commonly known as Schutzhund) and the sport of PSA (Protection Sports Association). She’s going to be a super busy girl!

Ron and I would like to thank everyone who has helped raise these crazy kids, especially those who filled in when I was down with a broken ankle!

We are grateful to the families who welcomed each of the 13 L-puppies in to their homes and hearts. We wish everyone the very best.

We are making plans for our M-litter, but will hold off any announcements until later this year.

May-June 2019 News!

The end of May and the first few days of June have been a busy time for our canine pack! We are pleased all the news is HAPPY! 🙂

On May 27, 2019 we took our youngsters to see world renowned Ophthalmologist Dr. Cheryl Cullen for their CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry) eye exams. Khira von der Leidenschaft (co-owned with Stephen and Alyssa Lanyi), Zia vom Lindelbrunn, and Zeus vom Goldbergsee all received CEAR certification. This is one more step cleared for inclusion in our future breeding program.

On June 1, 2019 after a sudden inquiry of the puppies, we determined a suitable home for our princess Leia. She has gone off to be a loving companion and home protection dog for a couple in Nova Scotia. We are happy with the match, and wish her the best life! <3

And last but certainly not least of this month so far, our boy Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 celebrates his 10th birthday today! We wish his siblings who are still with us, a very happy 10th birthday, and remember those who have crossed the Bridge.

Still available from our L-litter are:
Loca von der Leidenschaft – sport/working home only
Lazer von der Leidenschaft – preference is sport/working home or experienced active home.

There is still a lot of June left, so stay tuned for more news coming soon! 🙂

Obedience Classes Starting Soon!

Ron Murray will be starting classes in both Fredericton and Oromocto, beginning Tuesday, May 14th and Thursday, May 16th.

These six-week courses are Level 1 obedience, and for all dogs aged 5 months and up.
The basic premise of Ron’s program is respect based obedience, followed immediately by verbal and physical praise when the exercise is done correctly. Ron has never been one to use gadgets, gimmicks or food, believing instead that one always has a voice to speak with and hands to pat with.

Please contact Ron directly at (506) 260-2015, either call or text, or you can LIKE and message him on Facebook.

Three 5-month old pups still available.

Lazer, Leia, and Loca complete with nicknames 😉 are still waiting for their forever homes.

These three pups are fully vaccinated, microchipped, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, are fully crate trained, and house socialized. They are started in tracking, obstacle training, dumbbell work, and prey bite work. Their teething process is almost done so more bite training will commence in the coming days.

They all have great personalities, and high levels of confidence and environmental soundness. No weak nerves here!

This litter, along with their older K-litter siblings, are CLEAR of DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) by parentage as confirmed by DNA tests through the OFA.

If you’re interested in one of these older pups, or a future litter, please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.

Lexi is SOLD!!

We are happy to announce our girl Lexi von der Leidenschaft, aka Blue Girl is heading to Manitoba in April. We’re excited for the adventures she will have.

Still available are brother Lazer, and sisters Leia, and Loca.

Featuring Lazer von der Leidenschaft!

15 week old Lazer, aka Purple Boy, is a happy, outgoing puppy with excellent confidence and prey drive! He is happy to play tug with plush toys, jute sacks, and old cuffs. Or, he’ll take you by the leg or arm if that’s all that’s available! 😉
His crate training is well underway and he is happy to eat his meals in it, and settle down quickly for the night.
Lazer is a good sized pup with plenty of coat and a nice ear set. He’s very responsive and will suit a sport/competition home or an active family.
Video is readily available on Instagram @leidenschaftkennels
or on our Facebook page!

Lazer also has two sisters (Lexi is SOLD) to approved homes.
These pups have had kennel cough and will have their 3rd boosters and their rabies vaccinations next week. They are beginning crate training and house socialization as well as daily adventures outdoors. They are ready to go.

Please complete our online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire to be considered for one of our L-litter kids.

March 2019 News ~ Brag Alert!

Congratulations to our 15 month old puppy, Kwest von der Leidenschaft BH, FH-V!! So grateful to her humans, Ted and Lani Cooper for the amazing effort they’ve put forth in her training. Lani and Kwest have only been training together for 9 months! What a great team!

For those not familiar with our sport, IGP (formerly known as IPO or Schutzhund) 15 months is the minimum age a dog can enter competition. Kwest was JUST 15 months at the end of February.
The BH title is the gateway to the sport of IGP, no dog can compete in anything further without first achieving the BH. The actual title is “Begliethundeprufung” and it translates to “Companion examination”. It is an examination of the dog’s stability of nerve and temperament, basic on and off leash obedience, and a traffic test which includes exposure to vehicles, bicycles, joggers, crowds, and many other distractions.
Lani and Kwest achieved this title at a trial in El Paso, Texas on March 22, 2019.

The next day they attempted and achieved the FH-V title, a tracking title, in very tough conditions! Not just dirt, but dirt freshly spread with manure! Of the five stand alone Tracking titles only Kwest and one other were successful!
The FH-V track is the same length as an IGP 3 track! It is 600 paces long, and aged at least ninety minutes. There is no cross track at this level, but there are 5 legs, with the last turn being an acute angle. This track is laid by the handler and uses the handlers own articles. By the time Kwest and Lani got to their track, it was 2 hours old under a hot sun!

GIANT Congratulations on a job well done! 👍😍🎉🐾🥂

Featuring Lexi von der Leidenschaft

14 week old Lexi, aka Blue Girl, has some serious drives and a little a$$titude, and yet, she is a dream to work with. The siblings have made a game out of removing her collar, it’s happened twice, so we’ve gone with a different style collar now. Each time we need to put it on, she sits so calmly. She’s very responsive and will be reserved for a sport/competition home.
Sorry to post so many photos, but she’s just THAT good! 😉 Video is readily available on Instagram @leidenschaftkennels
or on our Facebook page!

Lexi also has two sisters and a brother available to approved homes.
These pups have had 2nd vaccinations and kennel cough. They are beginning crate training and house socialization as well as daily adventures outdoors. They are ready to go.

Please complete our online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire to be considered for one of our L-litter kids.

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